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Why Baltics?

World class healthcare services, cutting edge technologies and renowned medical facilities just for you, complemented by the healing powers of the Baltic nature, historical treasures and medieval romance to make your stay truly unforgettable.

medical tourism in the Baltic states

The Baltic states are the three countries in northern Europe on the shores of the Baltic Sea: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Baltic states are bordered by Russia on the east, Belarus and Poland on the south, and bounded by the Baltic Sea on the west and north. While Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania are small with a total population of just over 6 million combined, the three countries are completely distinct - with different languages, traditions and temperament.

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have a rich history extending across many centuries from the tales of the vikings, the Amber Road trade route to astonishing medieval towns and castles. In fact, the Baltic states have some of the best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. The Baltic region has been dominated by foreign powers through much of its history. In 1940 it was incorporated into the USSR, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, Baltic countries declared its independence.

The Baltic states have been developed on the crossroads of Western and Eastern Europe combining the best of both worlds - European mindset and forward-thinking approach of the West, as well as deeply rooted traditions of Eastern Europe. Baltic people keep very close connection with nature and put a great value on preserving their nature and sustainable lifestyle.

There is a rich array of natural healing resources in the Baltic region including healing mud, mineral water springs and herbal therapy which have been used in medical treatment and preventive healthcare for many centuries. The mineral water springs in Baltics have a high concentration of dissolved minerals such as hydrogen sulfide, bromide and sodium chloride, which is us used for treating a number of medical conditions such as disorders of the cardiovascular system, central and peripheral nervous, respiratory and metabolic disorders, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and musculoskeletal system, gynaecological and urological problems. Unique natural resources gave rise to the emergence of sanatoriums and medical tourism in the Baltic region already in the 18th century.

Medical tourism is a growing industry in the Baltic countries, bringing thousands of tourists each year from all over the globe. The Baltic region offers quick access to the world class health services, latest technologies and highly skilled medical professionals at a competitive price. Generally, medical tourists coming to the Baltic region can expect a cost saving of up to 70% comparing to Western Europe and the US.

The Baltics is a place where the quality of medical services meets the price, where innovative technologies and state-of-the-art medical treatments are complicated by the deeply rooted healing traditions. In the Baltic region, you can find a wide range of authentic alternate medicine treatments from the amber and bee therapy to unique treatments with local herbs, aromatherapy and spa rituals. While the mild climate, ionized sea air and virgin nature will encourage quick recovery.

10 Reasons

Why the Baltic region is an excellent destination for healthcare tourism


The standard of healthcare in the Baltic countries is to the highest level offered by the world’s leading clinics, providing state-of-the-art treatments and medical services. Hospitals are subject to regular inspections to check their compliance with strict European standards.


Baltic Sates typically offer a world-class medical treatments at a significantly lower price than in other European countries, enabling patients to make a cost savings of about 50-70%. Additionally, the cost of travel and stay in the Baltic region is competitive and lower than in Western Europe.

Fast access

Most medical treatments and services can be accessed in less than 2 weeks or even earlier. Medical check-up, diagnostics and dental services are available with no waiting list.

Rehabilitation and wellness

The Baltic states offer a large variety of rehabilitation and wellness treatments for your body and mind.


Fast access to medical treatments, large availability of healthcare services, and modern healthcare infrastructure allows patients to receive quick and efficient medical treatment and diagnostics. Additional benefit is the compact size of Baltic cities allowing patients to discover and try so much more. Most destinations in Baltic cities can be reached in under 20 minutes allowing patients to experience the benefit of time efficiency.


The Baltic states have a strictly regulated safety policy. All medical institutions are obligated to comply with the highest EU standards and ISO quality regulations. There are strict hygienic measures in hospitals, transparency in treatment outcomes and comprehensive follow-up care that patients can expect when visiting hospitals and clinics in the Baltic states.

No Language barrier

Most medical specialists in the Baltic countries communicate fluently in English and Russian, some in French, German. Most clinics have an option to provide medical records, diagnostics and test results in English and Russian.

Professional knowledge

Medical students must go through years of intensive training in order to become doctors. Medical specialists are expected to continually educate themselves to stay abreast of the latest developments in their field. Doctors are required to undergo "recertification" every five years.

Easy to reach

Direct flights available from most European countries. More than 100 international destinations are accessible by air, sea, rail and road. Well-developed infrastructure, reasonably priced transport and convenient travel makes it easier than ever.


The Baltic states are continually introducing high-tech and innovative technologies to provide patients with the latest treatments. Clinics and medical institutions are equipped with the most advanced technologies acclaimed within the international medical community.

Discover Baltics

Why not combine your medical holiday with something more?

discover the Baltic states

Much to discover

Even when the sole purpose of your stay is to improve your health, there is so much to discover and make your holiday truly inspirational. From the UNESCO World Heritage Old Towns, medieval castles, unique architectural styles and charming city districts to stunning nature with its' many lakes, authentic villages and delicious food, you will be amazed by the diversity and beauty of the Baltic region.



The Baltic states are one of the greenest places in Europe with forests and natural ecosystem covering more than half a region. From virgin forests, sandy beach, natural lakes and rivers, the Baltic region is a an excellent spot for eco-tourism offering a number of sport activities, unique treatments and a serene setting to encourage quick recovery.

Eco tourism in the Baltic states
beauty and aesthetics holiday packages

Beauty and Aesthetics holiday

From aesthetic surgery, permanent makeup, veneers, botox and face injections to facial and hair treatments, Baltics is an excellent destination for beauty services. Many have already discovered the quality and affordability of aesthetic services in the Baltic region, complimented by personalised approach and services designed just for you.

Alternate medicine

Deeply-rooted traditions and the natural gifts of nature have been complimented by new expert knowledge and innovation, providing a wide range of alternate medicine treatments and unique local healing traditions.

Alternate medicine

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