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Check-Up, preventative medicine and diagnostics 

Preventative medicine

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Good health is crucial for people to live happy and fulfilling life. Lifestyle, regular health check-ups and preventative measures are central to our health. The modern healthcare is focused not just on treating illness or disease, but also on promoting preventative medicine and the overall well-being to prevent disease, disability and death.

Routinely health assessment, cancer screening, preventative measures and pro-active management of pre-existing health conditions, can help you stay healthy and reduce risk of chronic illness and life threatening diseases. It is always better to prevent before it becomes a problem. 

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed about where to start, what health check-up program to chose and what doctor should you go to. The best way is to ask somebody for advice. GoMedTravel can design an individually tailored health assessment program just for you with top clinics and leading medical professional in the Baltic states. Get in touch with us today to start on your health journey. 

Preventative medicine

Preventive medicine involves a combination of healthcare practices aimed at preventing disease and illness by detecting an issue early and applying preventive measures, helping patience to stay healthy and avert chronic disease, disability and life threatening condition. It also focuses on promotion and maintenance of the overall well-being, which is crucial for one's health. Preventative medicine is promoted by a physician or a preventive medicine specialist

When it comes to preventive medicine, it is important to objectively evaluate how our lifestyle, physical and mental well-being, stress, workload and other factors affect our health. Some of the most important questions to answer are: 

What is my weight (Am I overweight or am I loosing weight)?

What is my skin condition?

How is my blood pressure?

How is my sleep? 

What is the condition of my heart?

Are my cholesterol and blood sugar levels within normal ranges?

Is my body and especially brain oxygenation enough?

How is my digestive system (Is my stomach, pancreas, liver working properly)?

Are my kidneys and urine tract system functioning properly? 

How is my metabolism (Is my thyroid functioning properly, how is my endocrine system)? 

How is my breast, periods and reproductive system (for women)?

How is my prostate (for men)?


Medical check-up, or health assessment, involves medical examination and tests to get an overview of someones health condition and wellbeing. The goal of check up is early detection of a potential health issue and monitoring of an existing condition. Routinely check up can reduce the risk of chronic diseases and increase chances of recovery and optimal health.


Diagnostic imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging (MR)

Computer tomography (CT)


Ultrasonound (USG) 




X-ray examinations 

Medical diagnostics involves the use of technology, tests and practices to detect, diagnose and monitor a problem. There is a wide range of possible invasive, minimally invasive and noninvasive diagnostic equipment and tests to perform precise diagnostics and health screening. 

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