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About Turkey

Known as the gateway between East and West, Turkey offers not only excellent leisure options, but also quality medical care and competitive prices.


At the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey offers a wealth of culture and history. Turkey is a major destination for tourism, attracting visitors from all over the world. This country offers everything from spectacular historical monuments, landscape diversity, charming cities, beautiful beaches and delicious food. 

Straddling the two continents of Europe and Asia, making it the only city in the world to sit across two continents, Istanbul has a staggering wealth of attractions. Istanbul has been the capital of three universal empires such as Rome, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire. Formerly known as Constantinople, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and is serving as the country's economic, cultural and historic hub, as well as the centre of medical tourism. Other popular destinations for medical tourism in Turkey include Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, Adana, and Kocaeli.

Turkey is one of the world’s leading destinations for medical tourism, as well as wellness and spa retreats. Turkey offers the highest quality medical services, modern facilities and a wide range of medical treatments at considerably lower costs than in the EU or US. Medical tourists can make a cost saving of up to 70-90%. Additional benefit is that most treatments come in a package that include airport transfer, hospital stay and hotel accommodation. 


Turkey offers a wide range of medical treatments and diagnostics. Most often medical tourists come to Turkey for hair transplantation, plastic surgery, dental services, weight loss, ophthalmology and cardiovascular treatments. Other areas such as cancer treatments, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and traumatology are also in demand. 


Turkish Lira


84.8 million



Local Time

3 hours ahead of GMT/UK time

Flight Time

1-5 hours from anywhere in Europe


Turkish is a national language but English is fluently spoken in many medical institutions


UN, WTO, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,  the Organization for Security and Co-operation  in Europe


Turkey has a mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters

Medical tourism in Turkey

Turkey is among the top 10 counties in the world for health tourism. The growth of medical tourism in Turkey has been supported by a number of positive reforms in Turkey’s healthcare system. The Ministry of Health in Turkey has been massively investing in the healthcare infrastructure and implementing initiatives to grow the industry. Some of these initiatives include improving the quality of medical facilities, receiving international accreditations and visa reforms. For most visitors, only an E-visa is required, which can be easily received through an online application.


One of the major reasons for medical tourists to choose Turkey as a destination for health tourism is the availability of world-class medical treatments at considerably lower prices than in the EU or US. Treatment costs in Turkey are 70%-90% less than the prices in the UK, Germany and North America. Most treatments come in a package that include flights, transfers, and five-star hotels. Another reason is the efficiency of medical services and shorter waiting times than in other Western countries. 


Blessed with a pleasant Mediterranean climate, beautiful nature, rich history and culture, Turkey is also home to some world class spa resorts where you can refresh, revive and rejuvenate yourself with authentic wellness programmes, holistic practices and fitness activities. Turkey has a rich array of natural healing resources including hot springs, healing muds, therapeutic waters and Turkish hammam. Spa and Hammam have been known since ancient times and  grew in popularity across the region throughout the late 1400s. 


Turkey is a multi-purpose destination, where you can improve your health and have a pleasant stay. Even when the sole purpose of your stay is to improve your health, there is so much to discover and make your holiday truly inspirational.

Healthcare system in Turkey

Healthcare system in Turkey consists of both public and private health services. Turkey has universal public health insurance. All residents registered with the Social Security Institution (SSI) are entitled to free health care.  However, sometimes patients are required to make out-of-pocket payments for certain medications and consultations.  Universal health insurance is compulsory and is required for anyone planning to get residency or work permits. 


The quality of service of many hospitals in Turkey is confirmed by world renowned accreditation bodies. Many hospitals in Turkey are JCI, ISO, and JACHO affiliated. There are more than 50 clinics accredited in Turkey by the Joint Commission International (JCI). These hospitals are equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies and offer modern medical facilities, a wide range of health services and the most advanced treatments.

Professional knowledge

Medical specialists are highly skilled and experienced in working with international patients, can communicate fluently in several foreign languages. In Turkey, medical students usually have to study for six years, with the academic career divided into two years of pre-clinical study, three years of clinical study, and one year of state clinical practice or internship. A large number of doctors undertake internship in Western Europe and the US through a professional exchange program and continuously supplement their qualifications with the latest trainings. 

Where do medical tourists come from?

There are over a million of medical tourists coming to Turkey each year to improve their health from all parts of the world: United Kingdom, Germany, US, Russia and other countries. The number of foreign patients coming to Turkey to receive medical services is growing rapidly.

Most popular healthcare services

The most popular healthcare services consumed by medical tourists in Turkey are:

•  Plastic surgery
•  Hair transplantation
•  Dentistry
 General surgery
•  Bariatric surgery

• Ophthalmology

Price Comparison

Compare prices of medical procedures across the world

Compare prices for medical procedures in Turkey with other destinations. It's worth noting that these prices are the starting prices and are not fixed or guaranteed. Prices may change from patient to patient, depending on a variety of different factors. Please get in touch for a personalised treatment quote.

All prices quoted in 2022, GBP

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