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Buy the insurance for your trip abroad to get medical treatment

The insurance is provided by Clinic Hunter in partnership with AXA Partners. This insurance covers unexpected expenses occurring during your trip, including:


  • the cost of paid deposit 

  • the cost of unexpected extension of stay

  • the cost of re-visit expenses 


The insurance covers primarily issues related to your medical trip, but the medical costs are unfortunately out of scope. However, you will receive the compensation for an extended stay in case of medical complication, return trip when the corrections are necessary or when you cancel the treatment due to personal affairs (for example: sudden illness, personal accident, death of relative).

More details about the benefits you will find in Special Terms and Conditions here: SWU_ClinicHunter_final_EN+PL

Post operative

Post operative complications, return trip cost

Extended stay

Hotels, rebooked flights, daily allowances


Non-refundable deposits, flight delays

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