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affordable phlebology services

Phlebology is a branch of medicine focusing specifically on venous diseases. Venous diseases are very common and affecting both men and women around the world. The risk factors for developing venous problems are age, family history of cardiovascular diseases, pregnancy, hormonal changes and lifestyle such as smoking, spending long hours at the desk without enough movement or long flights. 

Some people may only have mild symptoms but for others dysfunction of the leg veins, caused by impaired blood flow, can manifest in severe and life-threatening disorders. Venous diseases should always be taken seriously and any early signs should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Phlebologist is a physician, who diagnoses and treats vascular disorders. You should visit a phelobologist if you have the following symptoms:

•  leg pain, especially if it gets worse when you stand
•  leg cramps
•  varicose veins
•  spider veins
•  leg swelling, especially in the ankle and foot area
•  heavy, tender or tired legs
•  dry skin over the affected vein area
•  itchy legs​

vein problem symptoms

Vein Treatment packages

Vein Treatment Package

from £1,000

 Free Online Consultation
 Ultrasound diagnostics
Vein surgery
 Tumescent anesthesia
  1/2 day stay in a hospital
  Follow-up as needed


Phlebology treatments​

Steam micro impulse therapy

Radiofrequency surgery



Duplex ultrasound examination

Computed tomography phlebography

Magnetic resonance imaging venography

Halogen light (transilluminator)

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